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What Clients Are Saying

"Love working with Hilary!! She helped me figure out how to pump and keep my supply up (and generally not lose my mind, haha) when going on my first postpartum trip away from the baby and was a HUGE help! I felt prepared and had so many tips for success."-C. P.

Young Family

"AWESOME!! Hilary is AMAZING! I wish I would have had something like this with my first baby and I feel like we could have possibly had more success at breastfeeding vs pumping for a year. There’s really nothing better than being able to have a lactation consultant who is also a mom come to your home and coach you through your struggles especially in those first couple of weeks of being home when you are feeling stressed and so exhausted that another trip back to the hospital or clinic sounds daunting. Hilary is very kind, compassionate and so patient! She helped me to feel comfortable and confident as a mother while also relating on a personal level to the struggles and anxiety I was feeling. This is also a much more comfortable and germ free way to get some breastfeeding support. a wonderful experience, so worth the money and I would highly recommend!!"


“Hilary is great to work with, she is truly passionate about helping new moms navigate feedings and troubleshooting problems. She provided great tips and helped me and baby get on track with feeds.”


Nursing Newborn
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